Whose love is heavy in the heart of rain?


Whose love is heavy in the heart of rain?

Nepali Actress Varsha Siwakoti’s social media has been filled with love for the last few months. Varsha is engrossed in expressing her feelings of love on social media.

After shooting for the movie ‘A Sathi Sun’, Varsha is busy with her personal life. Similarly, Varsha’s name has been associated with artist Raj Katuwal lately. Raj and Varsha have been in love for a few months. Although Varsha and Raj have not shared their love in public, they have been sharing pictures.

“Your love has made my heart heavy,” she wrote while posting a picture of Varsha wearing a sari at night. Wear me a red sari with your name on it ‘. This statement of Varsha also shows that she is eager to become someone’s spouse by wearing red sari.

There is even talk that Varsha and Raj are preparing to get married this year. But, what kind of smell did Raj have when he wanted to wear red sari due to rain?

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