Why is Crow Festival and Dog Festival celebrated on the same day this year?



Why is Crow Festival and Dog Festival celebrated on the same day this year?

17 October, Kathmandu. This year, Crow Festival and Dog Festival are celebrated on the same day. On Wednesday, the day of Kattik Krishna Chaturdashi, Hindus celebrate Crow Festival and Dog Festival.Usually on the day of Kattik Krishna Triodashi, Yamapanchak starts with Kaag Tihar and on the second day, Kukur Tihar falls.

Yamadeep is donated in the evening on the day of Kaag Tihar. On Chaturdashi, hell is bathed before sunrise and dogs are worshiped after sunrise. But this year, if the lamp is donated on Tuesday, the crow and dog will be worshiped on Wednesday. According to the Panchang Adjudicating Development Committee, the date has been fixed for bathing in hell on Thursday morning.

According to Surya Dhungel, member secretary of the committee, Kag Tihar was not celebrated on Tuesday as the Triodashi date was not observed at sunrise even though it was mostly on Krishna Triodashi date this year. The Triodashi date was not over at sunrise on Wednesday.

According to Dhungel, the Triodashi date, which started at 8:03 am on Tuesday, will continue till sunrise on Wednesday. According to the classical belief, the date of the religious act at the time of sunrise should be the same date throughout the day. Based on the same belief, the Panchang Adjudicating Committee has stated that Kagpuja was not performed on Tuesday as the Triodashi date did not start at sunrise. The donation is made on Tuesday evening as the donation will be made after sunset.

Dog festival on Wednesday when Chaturdashi date is broken

Just as there is no Triodashi date in the sunrise period on Tuesday, there is no sunrise on Krishna Chaturdashi date this year. In astrological language, it is called broken date. That is, if there is a date of 60 hours in total, sometimes it is 55 hours and sometimes it is up to 65 hours. Sometimes the date may not be at sunrise when it is 55 hours. The date that starts after the sunrise of the previous day and ends before the sunrise of the next day is said to be broken.

The same problem is seen in Kattik Krishna Chaturdashi, the dog festival.Secretary Dhungel says that the dog festival is also celebrated on Wednesday as there is a scriptural instruction to do karma on the same day as many dates. However, he says that the day of bathing in hell should be before sunrise tomorrow and not today.

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