Why should a company start a bug bounty program? Here are 6 reasons



Why should a company start a bug bounty program? Here are 6 reasons

The Bug Bounty program is an opportunity for users to find out if the company has a problem with their app or system. This process can be used to secure the system using its own users. It also helps connect the security community. Crowdsourced power is used in Bug Bounty. For this, we have started a bug detection platform called Bugby in Nepal.

It connects businesses with cybersecurity investigators, experts or ethical hackers from around the world. In today’s article I am going to give you 6 reasons why companies should start Bug Bounty program. 

To detect risk 

When you start working with Crowdsourced, people will check your app or system and find out the security vulnerabilities in it. 


Any company in Bug Bounty should be rewarded for the results and not have to pay for the time or effort required to find that bug. This process is also cheaper as you only have to pay the person who succeeds in finding the bug.

Similarly, the company can decide how much to pay. Prize money can be limited according to your budget. But for Bugby, the platform is completely free for startups. 

continuous protection 

One of the best benefits of starting your own Bug Bounty program is to keep your app or system constantly secure.

Every day since the program started, a new researcher or user has been checking your platform for vulnerabilities. Because of this, you can get security day by day without paying any extra money. 

Insecurity information

Where to report if someone has a problem with your system or app. But once you start the Bug Bounty program, everyone will report the risks to your product to your product.

It also provides a platform for security investigators or experts. 

The new generation can be pentested 

Penetration testers, security experts or ethical hackers work together to find bugs using a variety of skills and help make your product even more secure. 

Support marketing 

After launching the Bug Bounty program, many people become aware of the product and especially the security community becomes aware of it.

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