World’s Top 10 Digital Payment Gateways


Having a good interface and digital payment facility is very important for e-commerce. If the payment process is not good and easy, the customers will not even prefer to use the e-commerce site. A good payment gateway is essential for this.

A good payment gateway makes it easier for customers to trust a certain e-commerce. The payment gateway provides merchants with multiple types of transactions on the website as well as mobile apps, including debit cards, credit cards, wallets, etc. Similarly, reliable certificates and symbols are also very important factors. We have presented some information about some famous international payment services.

1. PayPal:
PayPal is an e-commerce payment platform that allows you to pay and receive money without providing financial information. This payment service is very much preferred by customers. It allows users to do financial transactions anywhere in the world with the help of an email address. PayPal works in more than 203 countries. It also supports popular credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Citibank, American Express. PayPal is not officially operating in Nepal yet. Its important features are as follows.
1. PCI Compliance
2. Shopping Cart
3. Virtual Terminal
4. Barcode Scannable
5. Credit card readable
6. Quick checkout
7. Invoicing can be done online
8. Inventories can be tracked

2. Stripe:
Stripe is an easy payment processor similar to PayPal. It is very user friendly. Stripe also requires no membership or monthly fees. It can be customized by the customer. It also has special tools and features. Stripe’s API makes it easy to link your payments anywhere. With the help of this payment service, money can also be sent from LLC to corporate. Its features are as follows.
1. It has a tool called Stripe Radar for fraud management.
2. There are virtual and physical cards for employee expenses.
3. The business intelligence in it is based on SQL.
4. It also benefits companies that need custom payments.

3. Amazon Pay Amazon Pay
has now made payments very easy. Through this, all bills can be paid through an easy process. Customers do not need to download a separate mobile app and can do everything from one platform. It is currently available in 8 countries. This payment service comes in two types of packages. By logging in, you can send money to sellers or pay merchants using Amazon. It allows both buyers and sellers to shop online easily and successfully. Some of its features are as follows.
1. Automatic payment
2. Merchant website can be integrated
3. Online checkout available
4. Customer Identity
5. Protection from Fraud
6. Refunds are also provided.
7. Thousands of sites can be run from one account.

4. is a global payment service and helps in developing strong infrastructure. It is also a very old payment service. It keeps the data safe during transactions. This payment service has a merchant base of over 370,000. A number of features have also been kept with priority given to the customers. Its main features are as follows. It has also won a prize for AI integration.
1. E-check can be processed
2. Payment can be made by mail or phone
3. Retail Payable
4. Customer information can be properly managed

5. Doo
Doo is a payment processor in itself. It provides users with a virtual wallet as well as secure transactions and time tracking software. It has many types of payment process which makes it very convenient for the users. It allows you to do the following.
1. Keep all your invoices in one place
2. To get information about all payment operations from one app.
3. Allowing transactions at rates lower than credit cards.

6. Skrill
Skrill is a very popular financial service in the world. This is an app that has all the features required by today’s youth. It was started in 2001. Its users include the world’s largest companies. It was awarded by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award. Similarly, Skrill has also been honored by BTB EGP Arwad. It supports more than 30 currencies, making it easy for companies to buy or sell goods worldwide.
It has these types of features:
1. Business can be done by email
2. Account can be accessed quickly
3. The data are all collected in one place
4. Free account service
5. More than thirty Ota currencies are supported
6. Allowing credit card transactions

7. Securen Pay
Securen Pay is a payment service that provides secure online payment services and mobile payment services. It supports many operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It also provides a one-stop solution to companies that require online payments and paid subscriptions.
It provides a fast and secure integrated system. Secureion Pay also has an advanced checkout system. It also has an API that can be integrated into the business ecosystem.
Features of Secureion Pay are as follows.
1. Payment can be made in one click
2. Can be customized according to the firm
3. There will be trials and discounts
4. Easy to manage clients
5. A subscription plan can be well managed
6. Anti Fraud Tool
7. Securion Pay also offers a billing model
8. Cross sell facility

8. Bluesnap
Bluesnap is a financing service that helps businesses get paid easily. It helps to do business anywhere in the world. Payment can be taken from all kinds of customers from local to international. This platform is very secure and helps to avoid fraud as much as possible. It has connections with more than thirty banks. This service is running in more than 180 countries. It supports over 110 payment methods. Similarly, Bluesnap also supports more than 100 Ota currencies and provides services in more than 29 languages.
Its features are as follows.
1. 2. Can be subscribed
. Can be paid in an integrated manner
3. Invoice can be paid
4. Connected with more than thirty global banks
5. Payment API available
6. Checkout is also embedded
7. Data can be exchanged securely
8. Do not take too many risks
9. It also has a virtual terminal.
10. It also has a mobile app.
11. Money can be transferred directly from bank and debit

9. To Checkout
To Checkout also accepts online payments from merchants globally. It has very excellent features. This is a US payment service. It is used by more than 50,000 business people worldwide. It uses eight separate payment processes. To Checkout operates in 15 languages. Also, it supports more than 87 Ota currencies. It has also brought various features locally. Its features are as follows.
1. Highest level of data protection
2. Facility of payment in bulk
3. Supporting more than 87 Ota currencies
4. Operating in 15 languages
​​5. Subscription can be customized according to your needs
6. It has been integrated into more than a hundred systems and carts.

10. Page
Peja is a very easy and secure payment service. It allows you to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. There are different types of accounts in Peja, including personal accounts and business accounts. The business account has features that make it easy to do complex work. It is available in 190 countries and supports more than 22 currencies. Peja is a very good financing solution in many countries. It has made it very easy to send money around the world. Its features are as follows.
1. Centralized management
2. Supports more than 22 Ota currencies
3. Locally compatible payment services
4. Available in 190 countries
5. Request for funds
6. Easy user interface
7. Integrated shopping cart

Such financial institutions have made it easier to do business all over the world. Customers don’t have to worry about data security either. It has access to many countries as it has many types of currencies. People can now transfer money from one corner of the world to another in a single click or swipe. It is further supporting the globalization.
Source: Forbes and other international news organizations

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