Xiaomi Released Digital Glasses With The Facility To Make Phone Calls and Capture Photos


Xiaomi has unveiled a smart glass on a wearable device, challenging social media giant Facebook. Just last year, Facebook unveiled Smart Glass in collaboration with Rayban. A few days later, the Chinese brand Xiaomi has introduced its product. Of course, the smart glass brought by Xiaomi does not have two cameras to take photos and videos like Facebook. A glass screen with a 5-megapixel camera allows you to view, call and pick up notifications and navigation.

Similarly, Xiaomi has provided many features like translating text in real-time before your eyes. Like Facebook, Xiaomi has managed to manage the weight of the device. Built-in a light design, it weighs a total of 51 grams. Of course, this is one gram more than the smart glass made public by Facebook. Based on Android, Xiaomi’s SmartGlass has a quad-core ARM processor. In addition, the glass uses micro-LED image technology, which is known as a technology that lasts longer than brightness and OLED.

“It’s not just the second screen of a glass smartphone,” the company said. You can control it by selecting important notifications and showing them to you, smart home alarms, and messages from important people. The company further said, “Also, through the navigation system available in it, you can see the map before your eyes. Which will make traveling easier. In addition, Smart Glass will tell you who is calling. With that, you can easily pick up the conversation through the mic and speaker used in the glass.

Although the company has provided information about the smart glass through its blog, it has not disclosed when it will be officially available in the market. Similarly, the price of smart glass has not been made public.

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