You can now do other things by direct messaging on Instagram


You can also do other things while sending direct messages on Instagram. Now you can chat even while browsing the feed.

As soon as the new feature is released, while browsing, a new chat will appear on top of the feed and you can respond to the message by pressing the same message.

Now you don’t have to worry between feed and inbox. The app has also added a shortcut for sharing posts. Instead of scrolling through the contact of the person sharing the post, you can select four friends first in the app.

Due to this, the name of the person with whom you share the post a lot can be fixed in advance. The app will also have a music sharing feature.

Due to this, users will be able to share a 30-second preview from music sites. Instagram is also going to bring the silent feature to the app.

To use this feature you have to type silent in front of your message and this will put you in sneak mode. This feature does not alert the user when a message is sent. This feature will be available on both Android and iOS.

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