You can now earn from Pinterest


Pinterest is going to give creators a chance to earn money on their platform. The company has released its first set of monetization tools for creators.

Now creators can place product pins that users can click to buy products. The company said that along with the product pin option, the feature of idea pin will also come.

The company believes that product users tagged in Idea Pins will buy 89 percent more than Product Pins. In this feature, the company hopes that many users will use this feature as they can see which products famous people have used in the same design.

Creators can also use this feature as an affiliate link. Users who have branded content on it can also label it as paid partnership. In addition, those brands can also be tagged.

This will allow creators to be transparent with their followers and tell them who sponsored them. Creators believe that the app can earn money through fun. Idea PIN option is currently available in US and UK and will be available in other countries later.

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