You can now react with emojis in YouTube videos


YouTube is testing time-specific emoji reactions. Due to this feature, if you like a certain part of the video, you can react to it by putting an emoji. This feature will respond by targeting only a certain moment.

When commenting, you can’t react to everything in a YouTube video, now you can give an emoji reaction in a certain timeline.

This feature is currently being tested by the app to a small group of users and if there is a good response, it may be released as an official feature of the app.

Due to this feature, other users will also be able to understand what kind of experience the users have had while watching the video. There will be a separate reaction panel in the comment section.

This feature will be similar to Facebook Live and Twitch. After this test, YouTube will know which reactions to keep and which ones to remove.

Reaction emojis include laughing tears, heart, sad face, celebration party poppers, keep it 100 sign, question mark, light bulb sign in brain and screaming cat etc.

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